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New Pics Finally Up

What a trip!

Last May we saw more wildlife and experienced extreme changes in weather as we visited Estes Park and RMNP Colorado, starting off by seeing a bear climbing the mountain side as we drove into Estes Park from Lyons.

Although the Elk were not as present in Estes Park itself they still made themselves known.

We found that the moose had some how found their way across the mountains from the Grand Lake side over to the Estes side which was a great surprise.

Once Trail Ridge Road opened we drove over and had lunch in Grand Lake. On the way back we felt the furry of the mountain as we drove back over the top. A blizzard had decided to crop up and make the drive back a little more exciting than we wanted.

Enjoy the new pics! I have even tried my luck at night sky photography.  
Fun Places > CO May 2017.

Video coming soon.

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